Blood, signs of vandalism at missing woman's home, say deputies

HOLLYWOOD, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston County sheriff's deputies say they are still actively searching for the missing elderly Hollywood woman.

Julia Ann Mudgett was reported missing on Tuesday by friends who told investigators that the missing woman didn't show up for Bible study that night.

Irene Green said she called Mudgett several times at the meeting, but always got a busy signal. But Green says her friend is known to be a talker. Still, she decided to check on her just in case.

After the church event, Green went to check on Mudgett.

"Immediately I thought that she had fallen and needed assistance," she said.

Green says when she got to the door, there was broken glass. Inside, her friend was gone. Investigators say there was also blood on the walls.

"Her car was gone, she was gone. The window was broken and I called the police," she said.

That's when deputies started their search.

Green also called her close friend and sewing group member, Patty Meeks.

"We just started praying. Yes, we have lost sleep, we've been not sleeping as well. One of her friends called me this morning and she was just in tears worried about Julia," Meeks said.

Those same friends who reported her missing say they fear the worst because the 77-year-old woman needed oxygen to survive.

They say she never left home without her oxygen tank or her three dogs. The dogs and the oxygen were still in her home when Green visited.

"She would have never gone and left her dogs, I know that for sure," said Meeks.

Also missing is Mudgett's burgundy 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Officials say the license tag is HHC-851.{} The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information regarding Ms. Mudgett or her whereabouts is asked to contact the Charleston County Sheriff's Office's CID unit at (843) 554-2475.{}