Blood transfusions helped teen beat leukemia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's Jesse Dasinger's 13th birthday and he's not spending it in a hospital. Thanks to blood transfusions from dozens of strangers, the leukemia he battled is in remission and he's trying life out as a teen. Three years ago, 13-year-old Jesse Dasinger was diagnosed with cancer. Instead of taking a daily vitamin like most kids his age, his treatment included about 25 pills a day and countless blood transfusions."I am better. It's day 908 from my transplant," Dasinger said. His journey began in October of 2010. That's when doctors diagnosed 10-year-old Jesse with acute lymphoblastic leukemia."If it was a big enough cut inside, like a bruise, I could've bled to death," he said."At times his blood wasn't being produced properly because of his blood cancer. He needed supplemental blood in him," said his mom, Judy Dasinger. During his nearly five months in the hospital, Jesse received dozens of blood transfusions."Without them, he probably wouldn't have made it because a lot of times he didn't have enough platelets," his mom said. His treatment culminated with a bone marrow transplant in 2011. Now, they make every day count."It's kind of like a calendar. I started from day one -- that would've been the day after the bone marrow transplant," the 13-year-old said.The entire process has turned Jesse Dasinger's mom into a donor. "Thinking about all the blood Jesse got and the kids like him, it gets easier and easier each time because I'm doing it for such an important thing," she said. The Dasingers want others to know the importance of giving blood -- not just for those who have emergencies, but also for those fighting lifelong battles. For Jesse Dasinger, his gift is priceless -- it means getting back to his dogs, his parents, and his life.It's making for one of the best birthdays in a while.