Final push for enrollment before ACA deadline

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) --{}The deadline to enroll in coverage through the Affordable Care Act is March 31. Blue Cross Blue Shield is making a final push in South Carolina, making sure people understand the penalties for not signing up.

Medical insurance experts with South Carolina Blue say they're hearing from people who simply don't know what they need to do. That's why a mobile office is crisscrossing the state offering guidance to those who need coverage.

Adam Myrick of Blue Cross Blue Shield welcomes anyone who needs help enrolling in medical coverage to the company's RV. Myrick says it's an office on wheels staffed with licensed agents for South Carolina Blue.{}

They can lead customers through the process of finding medical coverage.

"It's really about assisting the customer and just arming them with the information that they can then make the best choice that they think is the most appropriate for themselves and their family," said Myrick.

Agents can help people enroll either through the federal marketplace or Blue Cross Blue Shield. People who aren't signed up of coverage by the end of the month will pay a price.

"They will face a tax penalty, a federal tax penalty that will be equivalent to one percent of their income or a minimum of $95," said Myrick.

But the penalty hasn't sat well with many people.

"How are they going to afford a fine or anything like that if they can't even afford insurance? I don't understand that," said Donnie English of Ladson, who's self-employed.{}

He lost medical coverage six months ago and visited the SC Blue RV in search of help.

"I just came out of there and it's $35 more a month than what I was paying. So if I couldn't afford the $35 I sure can't afford the $265," said English.

English isn't sure what he's going to do. For now, he's going to study his options.

"I'm not going to worry about it. You know, you can't take blood from a turnip," said English.

The South Carolina Blue RV will in front of the Wal-Mart in Goose Creek on Tuesday for those who need help. If you can't make it, check with a neighborhood insurance agent for guidance.

If you enroll MOnday or Tuesday, your coverage will become effective May 1.

You can still shop for coverage on the government's health insurance website before the end of the month. Go to