Board of Trustees mum on Wojcik ordeal

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Still no communication out of the College of Charleston nearly four full weeks after it was revealed that the head basketball coach was under investigation for verbal abuse against players and staffers.

During the open meeting at the College, there was no mention of Doug Wojcik or the decision newly elected president Glenn McConnell was poised to make. But the group spent nearly 90 minutes in executive session.

After the closed-door session, McConnell refused to comment at all on Wojcik or the basketball program at all.

ABC Sports 4 learned that a second investigation was completed earlier this week. The report reportedly focuses on alleged physical abuse claims against players in addition to the verbal abuse claims in the first investigation.

One of the players in question is Trevonte Dixon, a former guard at the College who transferred after the 2012-13 season to Francis Marion University.

According to a source close to Dixon at FMU, Dixon was never heard talking about physical abuse claims against Wojcik before the investigation.

However, Wojcik's attorney Scott Tompsett said in a statement Wednesday evening that the claims made by the former player of physical abuse are "categorically false."

The statement calls out the Post and Courier article published late Tuesday night as false, particularly the supposed video evidence.

"Coach Wojcik denies the allegation. Moreover, the anonymous source's claim is categorically false; there is no video evidence," Tompsett said.

Francis Marion's head coach Gary Edwards said Wednesday evening he had no knowledge of Dixon's claims. Edwards added that he had no idea Dixon had even retained legal counsel due to his time at CofC.

Edwards said nothing was said about Wojcik when Dixon transferred.

Tompsett also calls out the College of Charleston for failing to issue a statement on the false allegations.

"We've also been informed that Dixon has alleged to a media outlet this afternoon that Coach Wojcik maliciously threw balls at student-athletes in practice. This allegation is also false. Coach Wojcik's practices have always been open to the public, and well attended by College administrators and the public. And they've been videotaped. There's no credible corroboration for the young man's claim, and video evidence of Coach Wojcik's practices will refute his allegation," Tompsett said in the statement.

A Sports 4 source has been interviewed as part of the second report.

However, as of Wednesday evening, a College spokesman said Wojcik was still the head basketball coach but declined to comment on what his duties currently include.

Wojcik was not in his office after the Board of Trustees meeting.

Wojcik is earning roughly $33,000 per month and no one at the school has been able to comment on what he's allowed to do to earn that pay. The College also refuses to comment on whether Wojcik is allowed to recruit this week at a pair of tournaments in Las Vegas and Louisville.

Wojcik is two years into his five-year contract. A possible buy-out could cost the College more than $1 million.

Before taking over at the College, Wojcik was fired from Tulsa University's program after seven winning seasons that included two NIT berths and three postseason appearances.

Wojcik replaced the retiring Bobby Cremins. In his time at the College, he has racked up an overall record of 38-29.