Bob Costas makes Riverdogs announcer's dream

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Saturday night seemed like a normal night at Riley Park for Riverdogs broadcaster Sean Houston.{}

"Usually, it's me for three hours talking to myself," said the University of Florida graduate.{}

After a season and a half behind the mic, over a hundred nights calling South Atlantic League baseball, this all seems fairly commonplace.{}

"I'm used to calling games. Even my first game, I didn't feel nerves. I felt prepared," said Houston.{}

It's amazing how things all can change on one mid-summer night, especially when sitting down in Section 108 below Houston, enjoying a ballgame with his son was his broadcasting idol, Bob Costas.{}

"Somebody doing what I do, he's the guy we all look up to. He's the best. He's the best at baseball play-by-play," Houston said.{}

America's most celebrated sportscaster knows the ladder that Houston is climbing.{}

"A guy who does minor league baseball is really doing classic broadcasting. Working by himself, players in A Ball do not have extensive histories. There is no stat man, no large stack of index cards," said Costas, who has been the face of all four major sports as well as the Olympics on national television networks.{}

That is why Costas agreed to fulfill one of Houston's dreams. He sat in for an inning with the voice of the Riverdogs.{}

"It was almost surreal," said Houston. "Strange to intro him on the air, to call an inning with Bob Costas, I was extremely excited."

Excitement was one thing, but nerves were a whole different ballgame for Houston.{}

"He's amazing at what he does. To do the same thing, he's just so much better than you. It's intimidating and surreal, I was extremely nervous," Houston said.{}

Houston was performing like a true pro, alongside the pro of all pro's.{}

"I tried, I was definitely nervous," said Houston. "Threw me off my game a bit, I was rattled a bit. I thought I handled it pretty well, only one tough play to call and I think I did OK." {}

Costas was very complementary of his young Riverdogs partner.{}

"He relies on wit and developing craft so I admire guys like Sean and he has some talent," Costas said.{}

Houston also now has a pretty good story for future broadcasts.

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