Flightglobal: Boeing faces more manufacturing problems with the 787

CHARLETON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Reported manufacturing problems force Boeing to take a closer look at the design of the Boeing 787.According to Flightglobal, a website devoted to the aerospace and aviation industry, "Structural stiffeners were found to be improperly joined to the composite skin in the aft sections of the aircraft, causing parts of the aircraft's carbon fibre structure to delaminate."Basically that means that the pieces used to hold the 'skin' onto the plane weren't put on properly.Flightglobal says Boeing is inspecting "already built" 787s as well as those waiting to be assembled in both Everett, Washington and North Charleston facilities. The aerospace giant is not saying how many Dreamliners are affected.According to Boeing, the feature that makes the 787 truly special is the composite metal alloy making up its body, making the plane more fuel efficient. It's the structure and support of that composite skin that is now causing problems.Boeing officials have touted the Dreamliner as the jet that will revolutionize air travel. The Boeing 787 is capable of carrying nearly 300 passengers, and has a flight range of 8,000 miles.