Boeing now largest solar facility in Southeast

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- When Boeing landed in the Lowcountry, the company came with a plan to turn its state-of-the-art facility into a solar energy system. Now, that plan has become a reality.

"The local management team let us know that they were very interested in renewable energy on site," said Kevin Marsh, Chairman/CEO of the SCANA Corporation, the parent company for SCE&G.

In May, the 787 aircraft supplier began installing solar energy panels. Now, the North Charleston Boeing plant is covered with a 10-acre roof of solar laminate.

"That's why this site was ideal with the roof space we have, because the solar laminate is flat," Marsh said. "It almost looks like a roofing tile that is laid out on the top of the facility... As a matter of fact, where we're standing now, you can't see it unless you're up on the roof."

The system produces 2.6 megawatts of energy, enough power for 250 homes.

"This is our first one hundred percent location. We're excited about it because it is large. It's the largest in the Southeast. One of the largest in the nation," Marsh said.

Solar power is collected on the roof and fed into the building's electrical system.

"If you've paid any attention to any of the discussions going on in Washington there's a lot of concern about power plant emissions. Green power is great because it has no emissions. There's nothing that goes into the air," Marsh said.

Officials say the energy is metered as it filters in. The company is then billed for their electricity.