BOND DENIED on West Ashley rape suspect


By Natalie

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - "I've had nightmares every night."

The last two weeks sheriff's office investigators searched for the man they say raped a woman in the middle of the day in West Ashley. They put out sketches and asked for tips from the community. Ultimately, DNA led them to their suspect, now behind bars.

Brian Burke, the attorney representing the woman who police say carjacked and raped read the victim's words aloud, a letter written by her, in a bond hearing Thursday.

"This is difficult because not only am I representing the victim, but she is a dear friend," Burke said.

Marion Lamont Brown Jr. went before Judge Linda Lombard. He's charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, larceny and assault and battery. Charleston County Sheriff's officials accuse him of the May 23rd rape of a victim who was parked at the West Ashley Medical Center. Court records show he forced the victim to drive to Sunnyvale Road where he sexually assaulted her.

Detective Sheri Church with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office questioned Brown Wednesday after they arrested him at his Johns Island home. Thursday she told the judge what she said Brown told her.

"He told me if he got out of jail today he would go to Georgia," Church said.

Brown was already on a $50,000 bond for an aggravated assault charge in the City of Charleston. According to an incident report, Brown tried to sexually assault a woman on Johns Island. That case is still pending.

Judge Lombard denied bond on the criminal sexual conduct charges and the kidnapping charge. She gave him a $25,000 bond for the larceny charge.

"It means you cannot get out of jail," Lombard said.

Brown's father, Marion Brown told the judge his son suffers from seizures.

"He has a bunch of sicknesses and has been lead poisoned," Brown said.

Brown said his son is under doctor's care and under several medications. He said he feels his son should not be charged because of his mental state.

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