Bond hearing held for couple accused of killing Heather Elvis

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV/WPDE) - An Horry County judge hasdenied bond for Sidney and Tammy Moorer, who have been charged in the murder ofHeather Elvis.

Judge Steven John says he denied bond because of theseriousness of charges, nature of case, potential penalty, and questions ofwhether defendants will reappear in court.

Horry County police filed murder charges Feb. 24 against theMoorers. Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Moorer, 41, are also charged with murder,kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and indecent exposure.

At a news conference on the day of the arrest, authoritieswere careful to not reveal information they believed might jeopardize the case.Police said from the day Elvis was first reported missing on Dec. 19,investigators were looking at the Moorers as potential suspects in herdisappearance.

Police say they know there was a relationship between theMoorers and Elvis.

Prosecutors say sometime after 1 a.m. on Dec. 17, SidneyMoorer called Elvis and they spoke for about four minutes. They say Elvis thencalled Sidney Moorer two more times from home with no response. Prosecutors saythe two finally spoke after 3:17 a.m.

They say Elvis was home for those calls and left after the3:17 a.m. call for the Peachtree Boat Landing. That's where her car was foundshortly after she was reported missing.

Prosecutors say they have evidence of the Moorers' truck atPeachtree Landing the night Elvis disappeared.

Prosecutors say Tammy Moorer knew her husband was having anaffair with Elvis, adding that Elvis's murder was premeditated and that theMoorers disposed of her body.

In a statement to the judge, Elvis' father said he worriedfor his youngest daughter's safety, and asked that the Moorers not be releasedon bond. Sidney Moorer's attorney told the judge there is no real evidence inthe case and says this has snowballed into an "outrageous witch hunt withno real evidence."

He says all evidence is speculation and rumor. He saysinvestigators even lack a motive.