Bond reduced for man accused in King Street fatal fight

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A judge reduced the bond for a man charged with involuntary manslaughter. A Charleston County court also decided there's probable cause for the case to be bound over to general sessions court.

A defense attorney didn't make a motion to dismiss the charges in this case, but he did ask for a bond reduction.

The request came after a police detective revealed more information about a senseless tragedy that took a life.

"There are going to be no winners here today. I never have a winner," said Judge Skip Gosnell in court.

He set the tone in a preliminary hearing to determine probable cause in the case of 24-year-old Dalton Ellis Clarke. He's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Clint Seymour last April.

"I don't see any act of aggression on the part of Mr. Seymour," said Det. Richard Burckhardt of the Charleston Police Department.

He explained to the court how a witness told officers that Clarke confessed to a witness that he punched someone.

"Clarke tells him as well I ran up and hit the first guy that I saw," said Burckhardt.

Defense attorney Michael Dupree told the judge there's no physical evidence of Clarke punching Seymour, and there are conflicting eyewitness testimony on who did.

Dupree also asked for Clarke's bond to be reduced.

"Half-a-million dollars, your honor, is completely out of the ballpark," said Dupree.

After Clint Seymour's father gave an emotional statement, Judge Gosnell lowered Dalton Ellis Clarke's bond to $150,000 and house arrest.

When the hearing ended, Don Seymour talked about his concerns.

"The family and the friends and the entire community of Charleston deserve protection from the kind of actions that ended up taking the life of our son," said Don Seymour.

Dalton Ellis Clark didn't attend his hearing.

In court, assistant solicitor Chad Simpson said there's a chance of more serious charges for Clarke. The next step would be sending an indictment to the Grand Jury for their consideration.

"I'll be here whenever there's anything involved in the case. I promised my son that when he was in a coma. And I'll fulfill that promise," said Don Seymour.