Robert McCaffrey bonds out of jail day after his arrest

Family members ask to keep McCaffrey behind bars during a bond hearing.

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man accused of obstructing a police investigation into the disappearance of his wife bonded out of jail Sunday afternoon, less than a day after his arrest.

Family members of Gayle McCaffrey said they were disappointed Robert McCaffrey had posted bail so quickly after it was set, but hoped investigators learned something while he was in their custody.

McCaffrey's bond was set at $100,000 Sunday morning. It was his first-ever appearance in front of a bond court judge since the disappearance of his wife, Gayle McCaffrey.

Family members of Gayle McCaffrey pleaded with a judge to keep him behind bars and well within the reach of investigators.

"He has nothing to keep him anywhere. He could up and disappear at any moment that he wanted," said Debbie Pearson, one of the missing woman's family members.

The judge also ordered McCaffrey to surrender his passport.

McCaffrey's attorney Chris Lizzi told the court his client had been working and living with his parents in North Carolina, adding he should not be considered a flight risk.

"Since the alleged incident back in 2012, he has shown a complete willingness to cooperate and be present and accessible by the court system as well as the sheriff's department," Lizzi said.

During the hearing, McCaffrey stood with his arms folded. He never said a word during the hearing.

"His eyes tell it all. He's angry now because he's been caught and I'm worried that he will come out and actually try to do something," Pearson said.

Deputies arrested McCaffrey Saturday afternoon at a grocery store in Mount Pleasant, charging him with obstructing the investigation into his wife's disappearance.

"During the course of this investigation, detectives determined that Robert McCaffrey was not truthful in his initial report to responding deputies and detectives and that he knowingly impeded and provided misleading information, which hindered the Charleston County Sheriff's Office in locating his missing wife," an affidavit released Saturday reads.

The affidavit states the details Bob McCaffrey gave deputies about his wife's location in the home would not have been possible. Further, the safe mentioned in a letter he claimed was written by his missing wife likely never existed, the affidavit states.

According to an incident report, the letter said Gayle McCaffrey found a safe with $110,000 and a gun, adding she would use it if Bob McCaffrey tried to find her.

The letter also said she was having an affair. The letter closed saying she would miss her children.

He told investigators that his wife had found the combination to the alleged safe on his cellphone, but a search of his phone showed no contact or information about a safe, he affidavit continued.

The incident report also says Bob McCaffrey was hysterically crying when he was questioned about his wife's disappearance and appeared nervous.

"Robert began to walk back and forth and hold both hands to his forehead and look up to the ceiling," the report reads. While the first officer gathered more information, Bob McCaffrey "smirked and cried at the same time."

He reported his wife missing March 18, 2012. He reportedly told deputies that he last saw his wife around 10 p.m. on Saint Patrick's Day. He said he left the residence to travel to Easley, S.C. Gayle has not been seen or heard from since.

Bob McCaffrey told investigators shortly after his wife disappeared that when he returned home, he found his wife's wedding ring, checkbook and a typed letter on a countertop.

Gayle McCaffrey's children, ages 4 and 10 at the time of her disappearance, were taken into protective custody. They have since been put in the care of her sister.

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