Bond set for alleged Northwoods Mall shooter; Mayor asks for tougher laws

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - North Charleston's mayor is calling for changes to try more teens as adults as one of the teen accused in a shooting at the mall faced a bond court judge.

Police say 16-year-old Timothy McClendon is one of two teen suspects charged in a shooting outside Northwoods Mall that left another man in critical condition.

On Wednesday night, McClendon faced a bond court judge and had his bond set at $116,000. He's been charged with attempted murder, attempted robbery, and possession of a firearm.

The second teen, a 15-year-old boy, was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

McClendon's family did not show up at the hearing and McClendon had very little to say. But in the latest case of violence in the North Charleston area, there's one person with plenty on his mind.

North Charleston's mayor says it's time the law starts treating boys who commit violent crimes like men.

"I honestly feel that these young men need to be treated like adults. When you start doing adult activities and start shooting people, I think the punishment is deserving of an adult," said Mayor Keith Summey.

The second teen faces the same charges as McClendon.

"If we don't get something to slow down the generation that is causing these problems today, what is the next generation going to be like?" Summey asked.

Summey says new, tougher laws are needed and need to be enforced.

"These young people today know that they can carry a gun, and if they take the opportunity they will use it and they will be back out on the street," he said.

McClendon is expected to be back in court on Nov. 22.

The victim was shot three times. The shooting led to the mall being shut down and evacuated for several hours Monday afternoon.