Bones of Lowcountry man wash up on Alabama shore

Photo Courtesy Audrea Pye (1997)

by Stacy

MOBILE, ALA. (WCIV) -- It's been more than six months since a Summerville woman lost her husband as he got washed away in the Gulf of Mexico.

Audrea Pye now lives in Mobile, Ala.{}She said it comforted her to be close to where the waters washed her new husband, Eric Pye, {}away.

They were sweethearts as far back as their days at College Park Middle School in Ladson.

"We were two peas in a pod. We had a long history together. We finally, as adults, were back together," Pye said.

They became husband and wife in June. The Lowcountry natives spent five years apart before they{}reunited in February. They planned to live happily ever after with each of their sons, until tragedy struck their honeymoon in Orange Beach, Ala.

Tropical Storm Debby was off shore.

"Next thing I know, I have sand wrapped around my legs like a python just wrapping around my legs. A huge wave comes. I was confused and disoriented with what happened to me. I turn around and my husband is 30 yards out, eyes in a shock," she said.

He never came back. Audrea said her plans for the{}future drowned with her husband that day in June.

But, in a way,{}he came back to her last month. Bones washed up in Orange Beach. Authorities identified them as Eric's. She said it gave her closure.

"His family came and we read bible verses. I got to throw roses out on the water for him right where he went under," she said.{}

She wanted to help others avoid her pain.{}She started an organization to get a better warning system on Orange Beach. She called it Resurface.

"I want to make sure the money is there so it is always done consistently and there are explanations so people know they're safe," she said.

Audrea said she was in the final steps of{}certifying the{}nonprofit. She hoped to have it{}running by the summer.

If you want to help or get more information, email Audrea at