Bonneau resident has been without power for five days

By Gregory Woods

BONNEAU, S. C. (WCIV) -- Cleaning up fallen branches in your yard after an ice storm can be a chore.

It's something Mathew Killion said comes with the territory of living near the woods.

But what Killion said he wasn't prepared for was the phone call he got Saturday morning.

"My uncle called me this morning and said a big matte truck drove pass my house and hit the power line pole and ripped the pole right on down," he said.

The power line pole and wires now lay tangled in his front yard.

"I wish someone would come and get the wire out of the way because it is still a hazard," he said.

The Bonneau native has been without power since Monday and now, he said he has lost all hope his lights will turn on any time soon.

Like most people in his neighborhood, Killion said he's staying with family until the electricity works again.

Those who decided to stay in their homes rely on the local gas station down the street to survive.

"We are the only ones locally that have kerosene and propane," said Samantha Humbert, who works at the Exxon gas station.

She said people have come from all over to shop at their gas station.

"People we never see have been coming in because of power outages," said Humbert.

Some came for water and others came for food.

As for Mathew Killion, he said he'll be picking up the trees in his yard until help finally arrives.

"My uncle Charlie should be down here to help me with the breaker box, and we got to take a few pictures to let the insurance company know," he said.

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