Boone Hall apologizes for noise from fireworks show

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- After several complaints from area residents, Boone Hall Plantation officials have issued an apology for the fireworks show that kept neighbors up Wednesday night.

WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO OUR MOUNT PLEASANT NEIGHBORS. A private special event hosted by an outside business was held at Boone Hall Plantation last night. At the end of the event, a fireworks show was staged for people associated with the company who hosted the event. Over the years, Boone Hall has allowed outside organizations and businesses to present fireworks shows as long as those displays stay in compliance with county permits and fire and safety regulations. We also try to make sure these displays are 20 minutes or less in length and end at a reasonable hour. A county permit was sought and granted and the Awendaw Fire Dept. was on hand to make sure fire and safety regulations were observed, monitored, and followed. Local homeowner associations were notified as is our normal procedure. However, the level of noise generated by this show very loud, disturbing, and upsetting to the residents who live in surrounding areas near Boone Hall. We want to inform our neighbors that this level of noise was unanticipated by Boone Hall. We sincerely apologize to everyone effected by this noise and please be assured that we will do everything we can to make sure for any future events which are hosted at Boone Hall that disturbing noise of this level does not take place anymore. Thank you.

According to residents, the loud booming noises could be heard as far as James Island and went on until about 10 p.m.