Greenville mourns two families killed in Alaska plane crash

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Two families from Greenville were on a plane that crashed and killed everyone onboard in Saldonta, Alaska, on Sunday.

South Carolina House Majority Leader Rep. Bruce Bannister told the Associated Press that not only were both families from Greenville but both families went to the same church.

Bannister said five of the victims lived on his street in Greenville. He said his neighbors, the Antonakos family -- Milton Antonakos, his wife Kimberly, and their three children; 11-year-old Anna, 14-year-old Mills, and 16-year-old Olivia -- all died on Sunday in the crash.

The USA Today reports that a niece of the Antonakos' lives in Charleston.

A neighbor of the Antonakos, Rob Powell, grew up with Milton and told our media partners at WYFF what his friend was like.

"You bring his name up and people would say what a nice guy and I think anyone who knew him and Kim and the whole family really what you think of is an All-American family," Powell said. "It's just a real shock especially the aspect that it's a full family and for all their lives to be taken like that from a community like Greenville."

The other family to perish in the plane crash is, according to Bannister, Chris and Stacey McManus of Greenville along with their two kids, Meghan and Conner. WYFF reports that McManus is a radiologist in Greenville and works for Greenville Health Systems.

The company released a statement calling Dr. McManus one of the leading interventional radiologist.

A National Transportation Safety Board official said that the preliminary reports indicated that the plane crashed soon after departure. The two families were apparently traveling on a plane in order to get to a fishing lodge.

An investigative team from Washington was sent to work on the case. Officials say weather may be a factor in the crash, but it's too early to tell what for sure made the plane go down.

Alaska has seen several plane crashes this year, including one on June 28 that killed three people.

The USA Today reports that two victims in a June 18 plane crash were also from South Carolina and attended the same church as both of the families killed in Sunday's plane crash.

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