Boxed meals will feed thousands this Thanksgiving

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- If you think you have your work cut out for you whipping up a feast for the family this thanksgiving, just imagine boxing up meals for thousands of those in need.

That was scene at the North Charleston Colesium as volunteer packed up boxes filled with food, everything from pies and potatoes to that traditional turkey. It's all part of the annual Charleston Basket Brigade.

"Oh my gosh, our first year in 2008 we fed 75 families, this year we're feeding 25 hundred families," said Pam Hartley, the group's cofounder.

The table is growing for families in need, so even more people and businesses pitched in this year, including Piggly Wiggly. It gave the group a $10,000 food credit.

"Its just a great way to serve others, its very tangible you know you're doing something real, putting dinner on another families table at thanksgiving is just a wonderful gift to share, said Christopher Ibsen with Piggy Wiggly.

Hundreds of volunteer not only hand pack but hand deliver the meals to families who have applied, but get the donations anonymously.

""We've have so many stories of parents who are in tears saying thank you so much we couldn't have had thanksgiving without you," said Pam Hartley.

Volunteers seem to enjoy it as well. "I think its just a small way to help people and know they're going to have a meal on thanksgiving," said Donna Brown who's been volunteering since the project started.

It's people helping people enjoy the holidays together as one big family.


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