Coroner: Boy bitten by dogs a high number of times

By Eric

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- A forensic dentist was used to confirm a 2-year-old Mount Pleasant boy was killed by two dogs.

"There were numerous bites," said Charleston County Coroner, Rae Wooten. "We do know we have more than one bite identified from each dog."

The toddler was attacked Memorial Day weekend. He died after being bitten several times.

Initially investigators could not say if the boy was killed by possibly a coyote or another animal, but officials have now confirmed the child died from a dog attack.

According to Wooten, 2-year-old Ja'Marr Tiller likely knew the dogs responsible for killing him the night of May 27.

"The injuries the child sustained were consistent with the two dogs. We were able further to say both dogs were involved and the child was bitten more than once by both dogs," Wooten said.

Wooten says the toddler was bitten a high number of times. He had bite marks that covered much of his body, on his front and back, from his head to his thigh.

Investigators used a forensic dentist to confirm the marks came from the animals, both lab mixes.

"We first had him examine, photograph and do impressions of some of the wounds on the body," Wooten said.

Officials say JaMarr was sleeping, he woke up and left the house undetected the night of his death. At this time no criminal charges are being filed.

The dogs were likely strays that had been fed repeatedly by the boy's family. They have not been put down and are in custody at the Charleston Animal Society.

"No decision on that has been made," said Sheriff Al Cannon. "Thus far our concentration has been on interviewing the family members."