Boy with brain tumor gets special tour of submarine

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell gave a special tour of the Hunley to a seven-year-old boy with a terminal brain tumor on Monday.

"I told his mother we would make this happen for him," McConnell said.

Richard Culliver of Columbia was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor seven months ago.

Last month, he visited the Lieutenant Governor's office where he was fascinated by the Hunley. That is when McConnell made the promise, after seeing how captivated he was about the history.

Richard's mom, Stephanie McMillan, says his strength encourages them all to stay positive.

"He doesn't want to give in to what his condition has given him. I am constantly amazed by that," she said.

McConnell took Richard and his family all through museum explaining everything imaginable. What no one would have expected was a behind the scenes tour of the laboratory and research room.

Richard has lost most of his ability to speak, although his mom can pick up on a few things. He gave thumbs up when he approved of something on the tour.

"He was having a good time," McMillan said. "He was very inquisitive he wanted to know how the different things worked."

McConnell says he is just happy to make it possible.

"I can sense his kindness and interest. He is a determined young man in a real struggle, and he doesn't let it keep him down, but keeps moving forward and I guess that's what's so uplifting about him."

Before the family took off, McConnell presented a gold coin and other novelties to Richard.