Boy Scouts halfway through hike for cause close to them

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- Step by step, mile by mile, a group of Summerville Boy Scouts who call themselves 'The Deuces' have hiked 30 miles since they started their trek on Dec. 26.

They are on a 51-mile journey through the woods in an effort to bring awareness to bladder cancer and raise to raise $51,000 for research.

The troop began the hike with 18 scouts, but now, for medical reasons, only ten scouts are on the path to finishing the difficult journey.

Saturday, the scouts arrived at the Witherbee Ranger Station, one of their rest stops, at noon with only one thing on their minds.

"I need to rest, my body is tired," said Garret Saylor, one of the Boy Scouts."But my brain is like, 'Come on you are already halfway done. You just got to keep on going.'"

After taking off their 30-pound backpacks, getting some rest and food, it wasn't long before the Deuces started sharing stories of their battle scars against Mother Nature.

"There was a little bee sitting on my hand stinging away and I'm like, 'Get off,'" said Patrick Swain, another Boy Scout. "Then I turn around and there is a whole bunch of yellow jackets swarming out of this hole and one of my guys screamed, 'Bees! Scram!' and we all just ran off and it was pretty funny.

While scouts like Swain shared stories, a re-supply team refilled their water bottles and food to help them along the hike.

Joe Justis, one of the scouts, used that time to remember his grandmother who passed away from bladder cancer. She's the reason why the Deuces are hiking.

"There could be another 12-year-old somewhere else with his grandparents battling it just like I was," he said. "If I can give them some more time with their grandparents, then it was all worth it."

That's why Justis and the other Scouts picked up their bags and headed back into the woods.

They know each mile they hike, could mean being one step closer to a cure.

If you would like to learn more about bladder cancer or donate to the cause, click here.