Boyd reflects on career, legacy as bowl game looms

MIAMI (WCIV) -- Clemson and their star quarterback Tajh Boyd are gearing up for the Orange Bowl and these are the proverbial final moments under the lights for Boyd's Clemson career.

Boyd, on Monday, reflected on his career and what legacy he will leave behind.

"Tajh truly is the face of our university. Watch him, his accolades, records, on the field; he means that much off the field," said offensive coordinator Chad Morris.

His legacy is sealed off the field, but on the field he still has one major chapter left to write.

"They always say you are remembered for your last game. This isn't my last game, but last trip here," Boyd said. "What happened before was a disappointment and a learning experience for us. We were very inexperienced and we were never in that situation before. We didn't know how to handle it. Coming back, it's an honor, a blessing, and we're going to take advantage of it. We know what we have to do."

And knowing he will be the key to the team's success as they take on an Ohio State team with a suspect pass defense. Boyd knows it's an opportunity, but one he can't force.

"When you go out there and try to do things you don't usually do, it puts you on the shelf a little bit," Boyd said.

In Miami, it's hard to put into words how important this chapter really is for Boyd.

He's set 58 records on the field for Clemson. He's won 31 games. But there are five games that leave a mark on his legacy: four losses to South Carolina and the Orange Bowl debacle.

"When you talk legacies, people incorporate what they make it to be," he said. "Honestly for me, it's about making sure it's the best game I've played thus far."

The words are thoughtful, truthful, and insightful, mature beyond his years. But he knows his years at Clemson will be judged on how they finish.

"A win in a bowl adds momentum and fuel to off season. It's important for me personally to go out and get a victory," Boyd said. "Will people remember this as the sole game that let me out? I'm not sure, but that's for other people to say."

And a won would be extra special for Boyd because he was recruited heavily by Ohio State and grew up watching them. He even softly committed to play for them during high school, but Boyd says his decision to go to Clemson could not have worked out any better.

Tune in at 7:30 p.m. Friday on ABC News 4 before the game for live reports from Miami as part of the Sports 4 Palmetto State Bowl Special.

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