Brake testing sparks brush fire at Joint Base Charleston

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON (WCIV) - Testing the brakes onmilitary vehicles led to a small brush fire at Joint Base Charleston Fridayafternoon that officials are letting burn out.

According to officials, the Forestry Service was in themiddle of a planned controlled burn near the Naval Weapons Station when anunrelated fire started on the Weapons Station.

Officials said base members were testing the brakes ofseveral military vehicles around 1 p.m. which created sparks and ignited some nearbybrush in a 250-acre plot of land that is already used for controlled burns.

There is no hazard for people or facilities on the base,officials said.

"We are actively monitoring the on-station fire and managingit by clearing brush from 'fire breaks' in the surrounding area," baseofficials said in a statement. "These fire breaks, or cleared channels, createa fuel-less barrier around the affected land which helps prevent the flamesfrom spreading to adjacent plots. We will let the fire burn itself out and willcontinue monitoring it closely until it does."

Officials said the fire was expected to burn out in thenext couple hours.