The Cooper River Bridge Run is almost a week away

2011 Cooper River Bridge Run

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, SC. (WCIV) -- The Cooper River Bridge Run is just over a week away, are you ready?

Sixty percent of the runners are from out of town, but we wanted to see what the 40 percent from here in the Lowcountry were doing to get ready for the race.

"I have been doing a boot camp class, training with that and walking the bridge some," said Summer O'Neill.

This is the second time that she will be participating in the event.

"I'll see what happens. I'm just hoping to have a good time, finish the race, it's more for fun," said O'Neill.

Jason Wilson was also out preparing for the race on Friday.

"I just went from downtown to this side, which is like two and half. I just timed myself to see like, if I'm on pace. And then I'm going to go back so five total. I'm looking forward to the run next week," said Wilson.

He also said that{}he has been running the bridge twice a week and biking in between since January. His shin splints keep him from running too much.

Irv Batten owns the store, On the Run, in Mt. Pleasant and will be running the race again this year.

"I ran like 34:50 I think last year, so hopefully somewhere in that range," said Batten.

He offered some advice as we inch closer to the popular Lowcountry 10K.

"I wouldn't do too much the week before. You don't want to put yourself in a bad situation. Try to keep everything about the same," said Batten.

He also stresses the importance of rest and hydration prior to the event. The day of the race, he said, it's important to wear the right clothing.

"You probably wouldn't want to wear the cotton stuff just because if it's hot and you sweat it's just going to soak it up like a sponge and then it just weighs you down," said Batten. "You want that light cool mesh or dry fit material that is going to wick the moisture off your body and dry real quick and they make that with shirts, shorts, socks and everything."

He also wanted to encourage runners to pace themselves, especially while going uphill. He says the bottom line{}is to just have fun.

"Some people are like, you know, I haven't run six miles before. Well if you have done four{} miles, the crowd and adrenaline is going to take you through," said Batten.

You can still run the race with everyone else. There are almost 900 charity bibs left, and each has a price tag of $150, which of course all goes to charity.


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