Bridge Run registrations still available if you're willing to help a charity along the way

File Photo (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- While regular registrations for the Cooper River Bridge Run are sold out, those willing to fork over a little extra{}money{}for a good cause can still take part. Twelve hundred charity bibs are available for $150 a pop and every penny goes to help a non-profit organization. A dozen charities are part of the Bridge Run's Charity Connection. When you register for your bib, you pick a charity and your money goes to that organization. Entry to the Bridge Run is free. "It really goes to a good cause and it's deductible," Assistant Director Joanna Jackson. "It's a charity donation." If you want to feel good about yourself, not just for completing the Bridge Run but for helping a charity in need as well, time is running out. Just like with regular registration, the bibs are selling fast. "They're going pretty quickly. We've probably sold a couple hundred now," said Jackson. "As time gets closer it'll pick up." Charity bibs available include: American Diabetes Association Semper Fi Fund Water Missions International MUSC Childrens Hospital Fund Alzheimer's Association Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Lowcountry Louie's Kids The Charleston Miracle League The American Cancer Society The Lowcountry Center for Prevention of Child Abuse Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy Camp Happy Days Running the bridge and helping others aren't the only payoffs. Organizers have added extra events to make the Bridge Run more than just, well, a bridge run. "We're not just a race, we're a whole festival," said Jackson. "We have taste of the Bridge Run, we have boat rides, we have concerts after the show. It's a really fun event to come to. It's not just about running."