Bucs deliver hits in first full contact practice

CHARLESTON, S.C. (CSU) - Charleston Southern let out some aggression on the CSU Practice Field Tuesday morning as the Bucs participated in the first full contact practice of fall camp.

The highlight of the session came in the Buc Drill, where the CSU offense and defense tested wills in a short yardage simulation. After four days of practicing in shells, the Bucs' passion and enthusiasm under first-year head coach Jamey Chadwell was evident throughout the morning.

"We tried to set an intensity level from the get-go," said Chadwell. "We're trying to be physical and establish the mindset of being a physical team. I was pleased with our intensity."

"It was the first day tackling so you got some guys flying around missing tackles so there was some inconsistencies there," Chadwell continued. "That's one thing we've talked about is being consistent and being your best every day but I thought some guys made some really good plays. Some guys stepped up today."

Two newcomers made Chadwell and the rest of the Bucs take notice, particularly in the Buc Drill.

"I think D.J. Curl stood out," Chadwell said. "He may be light but he's physical. He made a good impression with the things he's doing. Offensively, I really thought Ben Robinson played well. He's one of those guys who's fast but is also just a good football player."

The CSU players were also exuberant, as they competed against each other with their teammates rooting alongside.

"It feels great to hit," said senior linebacker Calvin Bryant. "That's what the game of football is all about - hitting people. Matt Hardy had probably the best hit of the day. He form tackled, blew through and just hit the guy. He stood him up and stopped him on a fourth down which let us get off the field."

Another newcomer, junior running back Christian Reyes, weighed in after showing off his bruising running style during practice.

"As an offense, I feel like we're a lot further along than we were in the spring," Reyes said. "We want to be really physical and bring the hitting to them instead of the other way around."

The Bucs begin two-a-days Wednesday, and Chadwell is interested to see how his team handles the added workload.

"We'll know tomorrow with the first two-a-day what kind of team we have from a mental standpoint," Chadwell said.

CSU scrimmages for the first time of fall camp on Saturday afternoon.