Bulldogs strut their stuff at the Citadel

Maximus takes home the crown for Most Beautiful Bulldog (Scott Eisberg/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- English bulldog owners and their furry four-legged friends turned a catwalk into a dog-walk for the Citadel Beautiful Bulldog Contest Saturday.ABC News 4's Laura Harris was emcee for the event held by the Citadel Football Association. Categories included Best St. Patrick's Day, Best Smile, Best Tail Wagger, Mr. Personality, and Miss Congeniality.Maximus, owned by Greg and Karry Bellamy of Mt. Pleasant, took home the crown for Most Beautiful bulldog.

"I am a proud mama," said Karry Bellamy. "He has very, very broad shoulders and a tiny waist. When you think English Bulldog, that's what you see. You see Maximus right next to the name."Afterwards the real Citadel Bulldogs took the field for the Spring Game at Johnson Hagood Stadium.