Bulldogs use bye week for rest before road test in Tennessee

CHARLESTON,S.C. (WCIV) - The Citadel Bulldogs are coming off a bye week following thattough loss to GeorgiaSouthern. Now the Bulldogs are headed to Chattanoogaand head coach Kevin Higgins is glad his team is well-rested.

"The bye week did come at aperfect time. Playing that many games in a row, coming off of camp, we didn'thave major injuries, but guys are beat up quite a bit," Higgins said.

Well, most of the team isrested.

Linebacker Ahkeem Garnett usedthe last week to do anything but relax.

"I got my wisdom teeth pulledout on Tuesday," he said. "A lot more medicine was involved now."

Garnett said it's a tough callwhen deciding what hurts more - the loss to Georgia Southern or having hiswisdom teeth pulled.

"I guess the wisdom teeth tookmy mind off the loss really, because it was that painful. A loss like GeorgiaSouthern, I'd rather get my wisdom teeth pulled that to lost to GSU like that,honestly," Garnett said.

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