Bullying a priority for Gov. Haley

Gov. Haley signs autographs for students at Daniel Island School on Monday. (WCIV)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Governor Haley has been visiting classrooms across the state as part of bullying prevention month. Today she visited with seventh graders at Daniel Island School.

Governor Nikki Haley said that we all know someone who has been made fun of for the way they dress. We all know someone who has been made fun of for the way they talk. We all know someone who has been made fun of because their grades aren't quite right.

These are all forms of bullying. And it's a topic she believes is very important. She has even teamed up with USC's Coach Steve Spurrier, Clemson's Coach Dabo Swinney, Miss SC, and Miss Teen SC to put together a series of videos. The bottom line in the videos is that cool kids don't bully.

Daniel Island School counselor, Carolyn Aarons,{}says that we need to learn to respect each other and stand up for each other. The biggest thing that we can do for bullies is to have kids know as bystanders that they need to be doing something about itthey can't let it happen.

If the majority stands up, Aarons says then the bully is the minority and hopefully that will deter them from being mean to other people. She also says that bullying can cause low self-esteem, depression and even suicide.

Bullying has become such an epidemic in this country that Haley has decided to make it a priority here in the Palmetto State.

"It's an important issue. It's starting to be more prevalent in our schools, and it's just a good reminder to let them know when I bring Coach Swinney, Coach Spurrier; here are great people who also say cool kids don't bully," Haley said.

The goal of Governor Haley's bullying prevention tour is to make South Carolina the friendliest state in the country.

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