Business owners: Avondale traffic issues could turn deadly

The intersection of Savannah Highway and Magnolia Road. (Source: Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Stacy

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- People in the Avondale neighborhood of West Ashley say the intersection of Magnolia Road and Savannah Highway has become a dangerous area.

"I was actually a little frightened to get out of my vehicle. It's like I have to look and sit in the car for six or seven minutes because I don't want to get [hit]," said Teresa Barnes after parking in Avondale.

Barnes said she comes to Avondale about twice a week. She said she saw drivers going too fast and found the crosswalks were confusing.

Geoff Richardson owns Lava Salon in Avondale. Richardson said he and his peers started a group to try to get the Department of Transportation to finish installing a small median on Savannah Highway. It would start at Magnolia and go one block southbound.

The group also wants to make other improvements to the signs in Avondale, Richardson said.

Many people said they were concerned about the crosswalk going across Savannah Highway. They said it needed darker paint as the paint is faded. And then when they get to other side, there is no crosswalk to cross Magnolia Road.

"There is no where to cross. I don't think we could even press the button for the light to come on to signal us to go over. So we kind of ran across the street," Barnes said.

"People are getting hurt because of late night drinking and traffic and there's not enough lighting in the area," Richardson said.

Charleston Police said since 2012, there have been three incidents in which a vehicle hit a pedestrian.

City officials said the DOT has planned to put in a median, but the project stalled after it only received one construction bid that was deemed too expensive.

To be fair, Richardson said it's also up to pedestrians to be more careful.

Barnes said she's going to think twice about going out in Avondale now, and will think more about safety when crossing the street.

But Richardson said it may only be a matter of time before a close call turns in to a deadly accident.

The DOT did not returns calls for comment.

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