Businesses react to massive sinkhole damage

(Felicia Allyn/WCIV)

GEORGETOWN,S.C. (WCIV) - No packages will be going out at The UPS Store on North Fraser Street anytime soon.{} The business got the brunt of the damage, when the corner of the Parrish Place Complex collapsed.

Owner of the complex, Tony Jordan says he didn't{}expect this kind of{}devastation.

"Shocked and sad at the same time," Jordan said.

The building began to form cracks three weeks ago, right when the sinkhole formed in the parking lot. Jordan is grateful that no one was injured, but wants answers to why this has happened in historic Georgetown.

"We've been watching it's been settling and so forth. We've spent a lot of time and effort to determine what's going on in our city."

The city of Georgetown is cooperating in trying to figure out how the sinkhole formed.

A second{}sinkhole formed on{}High Market Street. It has been repaired before, but now has reopened.{} The businesses in this area are caught in the middle of the two sinkholes. The Citgo gas station and the County Judicial Court both were closed after new cracks were found.

Many around Georgetown say it is no coincidence the sinkholes appeared when the drainage project began.

Owner of Parrish{}Motor Company located across the street, said his building now has cracks from last night's collapse -- and only has one thing to blame.

{}"We have never seen sinkholes or damage to buildings to the neighborhood until they begun pumping water," Jeepy Ford said.

A feeling echoed by many other businessesincluding Coastal Staffing located behind the major sink hole.

"I would say the amount of water being pumped out from the project on Front Street is what caused it," Steve Peterson said.

As for the Parrish Place businesses, they will be closed until the building is found to be structurally sound. Jordan said he will help relocate the businesses until its safe for them to occupy the building again.





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