By the numbers: Mark Sanford's victory

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - How did Mark Sanford pull off that victory Tuesday night? Well, if you look at the numbers, it's not hard to see how.

According to the State Election Commission, Mark Sanford won every county in the 1st District winning him the title of congressman-elect.

In looking at the voter turnout, some political analysts say the numbers were not great, but not too bad for a special election. The State Election Commission marks the voter turnout in Tuesday's election around 32 percent. Approximately 144,000 ballots were cast in total.

Digging into the election results from the five counties that make up the 1st District, per population of registered voters, voter turnout was highest in Colleton County and lowest in Berkeley and Dorchester Counties.

Voter turnout for Charleston and Beaufort counties was each around 34 percent and{}turned out to be{}the closest counties in the race. In Charleston County, only around 800 votes separated Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch from her Republican opponent, Mark Sanford.

Sanford did the best in Colleton County, winning 69 percent of the vote. The former governor also pulled off wins in Berkeley and Dorchester counties, gaining around 60 percent of the vote in each.

Mark Sanford won the election by nine percent, taking 54 percent of the vote to Elizabeth Colbert Busch's 45 percent.