C of C students head back to campus

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- After a long summer spent resting and relaxing, students at the college of Charleston head back to campus Friday.

And while downtown residents can expect some slow going as those co-ed's move in.

The students themselves are turning to social media to make the most of their first few days back

The sidewalks are full along Calhoun Street; the anticipation is palpable, as students at the College of Charleston get set for another year of higher learning.

"The city of Charleston is amazing," one student said. "I am excited to start school again and meet new people.

Tasked with handling what she calls the controlled chaos on Calhoun is the Director of Student Orientation, Stephanie Auwater

"We work really hard with the city," she said. {}"And with the local businesses and our Residents Life and Housing Office to make sure students are moving in at times that don't interfere with other businesses."

The class of 2015 began the tedious process of carrying carts and buying books earlier this week -- but thanks to the emergence of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, those uncertainties of a new roommate or new city is now a thing of the past.

"A lot of students have already figured out who their roommates are, what you can bring and not bring into residents halls, what's going on with our back to school events." Auwater said.

And help with those heavy boxes is just a click or a phone call away. {}Flyers for several student-run moving services could be seen on billboards throughout the downtown campus.

Most off campus students already signed their leases and moved in earlier...bringing with them the usual clutter set out on city streets.

"Huge piles of trash just everywhere," incoming student Johnson Duncan said. {}"It took them a couple of days to pick everything up."

But, Auwater says the college and the city work hand-in-hand to make sure city streets around campus stay pristine; even supplementing the city for extra trash removal.

And while it might be a hectic few days for students and parents...many are looking forward to getting back to hitting the books.

"I'm looking forward to being back in school and a change of pace and learning new things." Duncan said.{}{}

Close to 2000 new students will attend orientation activities this weekend.

In all, the College of Charleston boasts 10,000 undergrads.

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