Called to Coach at North Charleston

By Scott

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Ra'Shan Frost has plenty of credentials in the game of football.{} He played at Auburn and coached for nearly a decade in college, the past few years at Charleston Southern.{}

Frost however felt his calling was at a lower level of the game this year, quitting his job at Charleston Southern to take over as the new head coach at North Charleston High School.{}

"Obviously it's a new challenge.{} I want to help young people and be an influence. What better way to get them at a younger age than 18.{} If you can get them at 14 or 15, obviously make a greater impact when they are 18" says the first time head coach.{}

Although the sport is the same, the job is definitely different for Frost.{}

"You've got to recruit in the school, you have a greater leverage over discipline in college," said Frost. "You've got scholarships and all of those things.{} The biggest adjustment, you've got more control in college, if you want to get up and run at 5 a.m., in high school, that's a different challenge."{}

His decision to leave the college game was handled well by his head coach at CSU, Jay Mills.{}

"He said congratulations, he's been very helpful, open arms," said Frost. "Anything he can do to help, anything I need. He just says to come by.{} He has given great support."

The job at North Charleston is a tough one, but Frost is meeting it with the same tenacity he's always had.{}

"Past indications of success say it can be done.{} I don't believe in fluke seasons, if you can do it once, I always believe you can do it again.{} If basketball can win the state title, we can set the same objective in football as well."{}

It won't be easy, but this is the challenge Ra'Shan Frost believes he was called to tackle.{}

"Football is football, still got to reach the hearts of young men and that is the biggest thing."