Camping out to draw attention to hunger issue

Tuna, applesauce and Ramen noodles.

These are just some of the food items that the local organization "LoveGave" is collecting to help some Charleston County students fight hunger this holiday season.

52% of Charleston County students are on free or reduced lunch. During the two weeks that they are off from school, they{}won't get the{}meals.

LoveGave{}supporters are{}camping out in front of the West Ashley Walmart for 58 hours to fight hunger. They will be battling cooler weather, but they say it's all for a good cause.

"We've got people at the front door of Walmart 24/7, said Todd Magouryk, who is pastor of River Church. "We'll be up here 24/7 between now and Saturday night at 7pm. So at 3 in the morning if you can't sleep, tune in to and you can watch somebody freeze, who's tired and beg you for money."

All of the money will go to buy food that is easy for children and doesn't necessarily require a stove.

"People can come they can donate the money and we do the shopping for them in Walmart for them or they can take the list and do the shopping and come out and present the food, said Paul Rienzo, lead pastor of Crosstown Christian Church.

Carol McLemore noticed the volunteers at the door and decided to donate some food items because she understands that times are hard. She said, "This time of year everybody is having a hard time especially with the economy and if there is one thing that people should not do without it's definitely food."

Todd Magouyrk just wants to bless these needy families this holiday season. He says that there are a lot of families in the city that have difficulty providing meals. They may not have presents under their tree but at least they'll be full.

{}If you can't make it out in person to the West Ashley Walmart, you can also donate online at

{}Once all the food is gathered, it will be boxed up and delivered to the selected families during Christmas break. The first box will be delivered when their children first get out of school and the second box will come a week later.

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