Light at Cane Bay will be in before school starts

By Lia

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - The main artery to Cane Bay schools will be made safer by the start of the school year.

The intersection of Highway 176 and Cane Bay Boulevard will get a temporary traffic signal installed, while the permanent one is developed.

Earlier this month, the South Carolina Department of Transportation decided to answer the requests of nearby residents to install the light. The light, however, wouldn't be ready until the fall due to the manufacturer's delivery time. A time frame that wasn't soon enough for concerned residents.

"We're very sensitive to the needs of the signal to be in place by time school starts, as soon as possible." Mark Nesbit, DOT Traffic Engineer said. "We will have the signal in place by the time school starts."

David Williams lives in a retirement community and has been fighting for the light on everyone's behalf.

"If this temporary light goes in before the start of the school year, then we've accomplished our goal," he said. "I'd be thrilled the people here would be thrilled and sure the parents of the children coming in here would be happy about it."

The South Carolina Department of Transportation held a pre-construction meeting Wednesday at its North Charleston office. They met with the contractor to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Williams says he has heard the promises before, and plans to see to it that the DOT holds true to its word.

"I don't care what the light looks like at this point until they put actual one injust as long as they put something in, I will be happy."