Carolina Green Fair expands to include Saturday events

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{} The green way of life is taking over Marion Square for the weekend. The Carolina Green Fair, now in its fifth year, is expanding to two days instead on one.

"It's grown tremendously along with all of the changes that are happening in the city and in the county. There's more recycling, commercial composting coming in to play. So, there is more interest," said Suzie Webster, Executive Director of the Carolina Green Fair.

Webster says for the event of this size, they have a 97% recycling rate.

"All of the paper products we use are compostable. All the cups we use are compostable, most of what we take in is going to be composted," said Webster.

Webster says throughout the weekend 40 non-profits and multiple Charleston based green-business, will offer hundreds of natural based products and wellness fare.

Doc Knight is the CEO of Fog Free Technologies. He says this is the company's first year at the fair. Knight plans to reach new customers here with a cleansing product now backed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Carcinogen cleaners they corrode your pipes. We came up with products that are green and plant based," said Knight.

Green product consumers like William Taylor, were once in search of ways to lower energy bills but now he sells it.

"I was probably spending $250 to $275 dollars a month during the summer time. Now I'm down around $200 a month," said Taylor.

Taylor says the solar fans and reflective insulation products he's invested in are American made. Another reason he hopes people will want to buy green.

"It actually reflects 97% of the heat back to its source. So, it keeps it out of your house in the summer time and lets the heat stay in, in the winter time," said Taylor.

The Carolina Green Fair will continue on Sunday. It will cost $5 for adults and $1 for children. {}

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