CARTA releases statement on shutdown effects

File Photo (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Officials with the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) released a statement Monday on how the federal government shutdown could affect their operations.

With the end of the shutdown still unknown, CARTA officials assured that their grants were applied for in advance and drawdowns were available until Sept. 30.

If the shutdown lasts less than 30 days, there is not an expected impact on funding to CARTA.{} Service will continue uninterrupted and riders will not be impacted.{} CARTA receives approximately 1/3 of its funding from Federal sources.{} Funds from Charleston County and the collection of fares are able to support continued operation for some time.

Officials said if the shutdown lasts longer than 30 days, funding could be impacted - funding that pays vendors and finance operations.{}

While service is not expected to be impacted, CARTA officials said they will keep riders and the community updated on any changes should the shutdown continue.