CAS showers April with discounts to stave off blooming pet population

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Spring has sprung and the Charleston Animal Society would like to get ahead of the game before they're showered with unwanted pups and kittens."Spring is a great time to get a head start on unwanted litters," says Charleston Animal Society's Director of Public Health and Spay/Neuter Initiatives, Dr. Lucy Fuller. The shelter is trying to encourage owners to get their pets neutered or spayed before an unwanted litter invades their home."Normally, this time of year we are starting to experience a great influx of kittens and puppies at the shelter," Fuller said. "We have not hit that point yet, probably due to the unusually cold winter we had.{} I have no doubt, though, we will start to see them coming in droves very soon."To help owners who might think they can't afford to get their furry friends fixed, CAS is offering special discounts on spay/neuter surgeries.During "Tom Cat Wednesdays" male cats will be neutered for the discounted rate of $25. CAS will also feature a "Young Animal Program" (YAP) that allows cats and dogs of both genders to be fixed for $50."We encourage the public to take advantage of this discounted rate on what is a fairly simple procedure, before they - and the public as a whole - are faced with the problem of dealing with unwanted animals," Fuller says.{} "Dealing with this issue up front greatly reduces the stress and financial costs associated with unplanned litters."The YAP program is only for pets that are six months old or younger but CAS officials say if you don't qualify for these promotions, give them a call to see if there's another discount you may be eligible for."The most important thing is to make sure your pet has the surgery, whether with us or with your personal veterinarian," Fuller said.For more information on Charleston Animal Society's spay/neuter programs, call 843-747-4849 or email them at