Catching up with Family Circle Cup GM Bob Moran


DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- There are not many people busier than Bob Moran during the Family Circle Cup. Come to think of it, there are not many people busier than Moran before the Family Circle Cup either. {}"We've increased our television coverage by 300 percent this year," said Moran. "This means we're covering every match in stadium starting Monday. We're also covering every match on Althea Gibson court for online distribution. Normally we're covering only select matches from Thursday to Sunday on stadium. This means we have a lot more staffing, equipment, cable runs. On the flip side, we're distributing all these matches to 142 different countries across the globe which will dramatically increase our global audience." {}{}Moran is the chief of the tennis operation on Daniel Island. He's a tennis guy and has gotten to rub elbows with some of the biggest in the game. He's seen all of the greatest moments at the Family Circle Cup.{}His most memorable? {}"That's hard to say after 13 years! Sam Stosur probably played the best tennis when she won in 2010. It was a quick match, but Sam really played unbelievable tennis." {}The great tennis moments are not only ones that happen during tournament play. Moran says his favorite moment ever at the Family Circle Cup happened just last year. {}"Bringing the Original nine back together to celebrate our 40th and their 42nd anniversaries. These women were truly pioneers and the reason women's tennis is the leading women's professional tour on the planet. They sacrificed a lot for these young players today," he said. {}As for Moran, don't think the work all stops when the final slam is hit and the trophy is raised in early April. {}"We've managed the Nationwide golf tournament for a few years. We hosted AVP volleyball in the stadium. We're now aggressively pursuing the concert side of things. This year's Cup with the television footprint is a big challenge," said Moran. {}Moran is a tennis fan; he truly enjoys his job and he enjoys bringing the entertainment to the Lowcountry. {}"We also try to be a good partner to the Daniel Island community and the City of Charleston so any events we can bring to the island that have positive impact on our community, we're all in," he said. {}{}The Family Circle Cup is in good hands with Bob Moran.{}


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