Catching up with North Charleston's new football chief

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{} The past five years have seemed like a revolving door of coaches at North Charleston High School.{}

Their new coach, Chris Reger, hopes to bring some stability to the program. After one year as the offensive coordinator for Ra'Shan Frost, Reger has been promoted to head coaching duties after the school decided to part ways with Frost.{}

"Last year, I got in late after spring and summer workouts. I didn't get a chance to meet kids until the very end of summer and beginning of camp. I grew last year and built a relationship with the kids. They are a great group, I know more about the opponents we're playing" said Reger.{}

Although new to the Lowcountry, Reger is not new to football coaching. He coached varsity ball in Elmira, NY, for four years and before that he was a graduate assistant in charge of wide receivers at Alfred University.{}

There is no doubt Reger's expertise is on the offensive side of the ball, and that is the side where he will concentrate most.{}

He started spring ball last week, and has started assessing the talent he has returning.{}

"I'm more of a spread type guy. I love to sling it around and put up points. What we're going to get into depends on the kids. If we have running backs, we'll be a run style offense. If we have a 6'4" QB-type kid, we might be more of a spread style," he said.

His biggest task at North Charleston might not be coaching the kids, but recruiting the best athletes in the school to actually play football.{}

"I think what'll help will be being around. I'll be in the high school next year which will help. It's been hard being in the elementary school. I'm hoping to get these kids to play hard, which we will do by supporting them. We have great support from administration; we have some plans to get community involved this summer.{} All of these kids want to play in front of 200, 300, 400, 500 people rather than 20 or 30 people," Reger said.{}

Reger knows what fans want and says he plans on getting fans involved. He says he will do his best to put a product they can be proud of on the field.

Reger is not the only new coach at North Charleston High.

Tron Grant has also been named the new head basketball coach. With two new coaches, North Charleston is hoping for stability at the top, which will lead to wins on the field.{}