Catholics gather to say final farewell to Bishop Thompson

By Bill Burr

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A retired leader of the Catholic Church was laid to rest in Charleston. Funeral services were held Wednesday for Bishop David Thompson, who died on Sunday, November 24th at the age of 90.

Outside the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist Church a long procession of priests entered the front doors to begin a final farewell to a man who led them and their faithful.

"Bishop Thompson was a wonderful servant and child of God, and I guess you would say he just, he served with so much joy," said John Carroll, a friend of Bishop Thompson.

Carroll was a long-time friend of Thompson. He and others watched, waited, and comforted each other on Broad Street.

Inside the church, the funeral for Thompson brought the faithful together for hymns, prayers, and final words of comfort. Church pews were filled with people paying their respects.

"There wasn't a task that was too menial. There wasn't a task that was tough for him because he was doing it in love of God and his fellow man," said Carroll.

And as the final blessings were given, a sense of peace fell on the churchgoers Thompson once comforted.

"God of the living and of the dead, accept our prayers for those who died in Christ," read Bishop Robert Gugliemone during the service. "Give him fellowship with all your saints. We pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer."