CCSD awarded another $19.3 million in federal grants

File Photo (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston School District has once again been awarded federal grant money. This time it will go towards "personalized learning."

Officials with the district released the following statement:

The Charleston County School District (CCSD) is one of 16 applicants nationwide to receive this grant. CCSD had the eighth best composite score nationally. The US Department of Education received over 370 applications representing 1193 school districts. This is the second of two large federal grants CCSD has received in the past few months. The first grant was the Teacher Incentive Fund grant totaling $23.7 million. In all, CCSD has been awarded more than $43 million in federal grants in the past few months.

The grant funds will help CCSD increase personalized learning environments in 19 target schools in the Burke, Stall and St. John's High School feeder patterns. The goal of the grant is to create learning environments that are designed to significantly improve learning and teaching through the personalization of strategies, tools, and supports for students and educators that are aligned with college and career ready standards. Some of CCSD proposed activities include: school and district training, new data resources, and a multitude of technology upgrades which would benefit approximately 9,500 students.

Personalized learning focuses on our students' individual learning goals and needs, and develops critical skills such as goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking, communication and creativity," says Superintendent Nancy J. McGinley. "This grant announcement coupled with the recent announcement regarding our $23.7 million Teacher Incentive Grant award, positions the district for truly remarkable success over the next few years. Students and parents should be extremely happy. This infusion of resources directly supports our Vision 2016 goals."

Just last September, the district was awarded the Teacher Incentive Fund Grant, worth $8.9 million.

A spokesman for the school district said CCSD could receive up to $23.7 million in federal grants over the next five years.

Last June, the district approved a budget that included a two percent pay raise for teachers and a two-step pay increase for all other CCSD employees.

District officials will hold a press conference on Wednesday to answer questions about the grant. To see the district's technical review form for the grant, click here.