Teacher pay takes center stage for CCSD

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston County School District leaders are coming under fire for their outlined future teacher evaluation and compensation plan known as BRIDGE. It's part of the District's Vision 2016 agenda and is made possible from a 5-year federal teacher incentive grant of $23.7 million.

The education advocacy group, EDFirstSC, issued a release Sunday that says under the BRIDGE program, according to documents outlined on CCSD's web site, teachers are set up to lose their jobs in a pay-for-performance structure that applies a business model to education.

The group claims that by 2015, the system would withhold promised salary increases and make teachers hit pre-determined targets to win them back. CCSD officials have stated in their own release that no teacher will lose money as a result of BRIDGE.

CCSD responded in a release on Sunday that says CCSD Superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley will hold a closed-door meeting with 19 teachers on Monday afternoon in regards to the questions surrounding BRIDGE.

"The 19 teachers represent a cross section of teachers that may have opposing views on evaluation or opinions on what the district needs to consider," the release reads.

The release goes on to say in regards to BRIDGE that, "The work is a pilot. Nothing is final. Teachers' jobs are not at stake and the BRIDGE work is being developed with your educators, for our educators."

After the meeting, Dr. McGinley will hold a press conference at 5:30 p.m. at CCSD Headquarters at 75 Calhoun Street.

The Education Advocacy Group, EDFirstSC, is set to hold their own press conference after Superintendent McGinley speaks Monday afternoon.


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