CCSD superintendent offers advice for avoiding back-to-school problems

(Felicia Allyn/WCIV)

By Jon

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston County School Superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley says there are some things to keep in mind that parents especially may not have considered.

"We can expect that our schools will be ready. Our teachers and principals have been working now for a solid week, getting rooms ready, getting schedules ready, getting supplies ready," said McGinley.

The first day of school can be a daunting day for students and parents alike. There are 45,000 students heading to class in Charleston County, an increase from last year. That's 82 schools where traffic could be a concern.

"We need you to follow the campus directions," advised McGinley. "Because most of our schools now have parent drop loops and they have bus drop loops."

That covers school drop-off, but what about pick-up? Even if a warm afternoon is in the forecast, you might want to shut off that car, and the a/c, all in the interest of child safety.

"While people are waiting that they don't idle," warned McGinley. "That they turn off the car engines and make sure that our students are not getting emissions."

Plenty of parents are also relying on busses which can present a problem on day one.

"Inevitably, the 1st day of school, we have one or two children who end up getting on the wrong bus or off at the wrong stop," said McGinley. "Parents need to call us and let us know the child's name and we are very very good at making sure we locate that child."

The number to call if there's a problem is 937-6366. The hotline opens at 7 a.m. and you can call that number with any school related questions.

The superintendent's one basic message is to get those kids to school. Day one, she says, is crucial not just for students but for teachers as well.