CCSD to roll out pay raises for some employees this week

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston County School District officials on Friday will roll out the district's first round of raises for employees for the first time in 10 years.

Last year, the Charleston County School Board approved $8.4 million in raises for teachers and administrators.

"We want to have the best schools and the best district in the nation," said William Briggman, the executive director of human resources for CCSD. "So this helps us not only attract but retain the talent we have."

Last year, the Charleston County Schools Board of Trustees commissioned a firm to conduct an intensive classification and compensation study that evaluated how positions were classified and paid across the district.

"We want to make sure that all of our positions are classified correctly, making sure that employees that are doing similar or have similar job descriptions are being compensated in the same way or same rate," said Briggman.

Briggman says one of the major findings in the study was inequity in the salary structure for principals and assistant principals.

The study recommended a $16.8 million overall to meet market standards.

However, the board only approved funding half of that recommendation. As a result, just over 10 percent of the funds went to salary adjustments for principals. Another 13 percent of the approved $8.4 million went to salary adjustments for assistant principals.

"So there was a base salary for principals based on elementary, middle or high and supplements added to that," said Briggman. "So the principal may earn $200 for prior teaching experience. They may receive $3,000 for administrative experience."

Before the survey and adjustment, there were six different salary schedules across the district.

For instance, teachers were paid on a different scale than administrators. Now there will be one pay schedule for all employees of the district.

"Many principals are at different starting points within our salaries, but are going to the same place on the schedule," Briggman said.

Briggman says principals will be paid based on experience, size of school and grade level, meaning elementary, middle or high school. Within that, school administrators will now receive incremental steps, or increases, for every year of experience.

"We don't want the turnover," said Briggman. "We want continuity in our schools with our principals."

Briggman says not all employees will see a raise this school year. The study found some employees were making more than recommended. Therefore, those employee salaries will stay the same.

Twelve-month employees will see their first pay check of the new pay schedule on Friday. Teacher increases will be introduced mid-August.