CCSD workshop focuses on safety in schools

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}The national debate over curbing gun violence has hit the Lowcountry. Already Georgetown County and the City of North Charleston will employ officers at their schools.

On Wednesday night, Charleston County officials considered the same thing.{}The Charleston County School District board held a special board workshop Wednesday night where they discussed their security measures and safety plans for their elementary schools.{}They are also opening the floor for public comment.{}The district is working closely with the sheriff's office on the issue. Al Cannon held a press conference earlier in the day to discuss gun safety.{}During that press conference he reminded people that police cannot always get to a scene before damage is done. That's why Cannon said it's important for children and adults to know they can take action.{}Cannon asked everyone to watch a public service video produced by the City of Houston called{}"Run, Hide, Fight." It shows people how to survive when confronted by a gunman.{}Cannon said while he supports having armed officers in schools, he made a point of showing that the first thing the gunman did in the video was take out the armed security guard."So on the issue of a police offer in a school, it can certainly enhance security of that school. It certainly not ought be viewed as the sole solution to solving school security and school safety," he said.{}But Cannon added that it's not his decision, but the district's, to decide if officers should be in schools.{}There was another meeting in North Charleston Wednesday night organized by the group Citizens United for Public Schools.{}The group is discussing North Charleston's decision to put police officers in each elementary school. Many members said they felt the decision was made too quickly and without public input.Stay with ABCNews4 for more on Wednesday night's workshop on school safety.{}