Sheriff Al Cannon supports James Island, disagrees with Mayor Riley

Sheriff Cannon (Natalie Caula/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Sheriff Al Cannon held a press conference Wednesday on James Island becoming it's own town.

Sheriff Cannon said he disagrees with Mayor Joe Riley's recent comments about James Island and how he said if they want to incorporate as a town, they should have their own police department and pay for it."I support James Island's position as it relates to not having their own police department," said Cannon. "Mayor Riley draws comparisons to other similar size towns in South Carolina and I would argue, in many instances, they would have police departments and quite frankly, they ought not have."Sheriff Cannon cited overlap, wasted resources and costs as the reasons.

"I salute the decision James Island has made not to have their own police department and the citizens of Charleston County benefit in that because you don't further complicate by having yet another department that is going to expend funds of the citizens of Charleston County," he said.

Cannon maintains, however, that he has no position as to whether or not the town should be allowed to incorporate.