CCSO reports catching 2 feral dogs on James Island

The dog captured by CCSO on Thursday (provided)

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- A pack of feral dogs are roaming the streets of James Island and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office is asking residents to beware.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Animal Control is working to alleviate the 'feral dog issue' after a second dog was caught on Thursday.

A CCSO spokesperson says the dog was caught around 10 a.m. Animal Control officers trapped a male dog in the ditch line along Ben Road.

"The dog appears to be a feral dog and may be part of the pack of dogs roaming in the James Island area," said Major James Brady in a press{}release.

"In continuing to address the issue of the dog pack(s) the Charleston County Sheriff's Office has been and will continue to set traps in areas where the dogs are reported to be roaming," Brady said. "Coordination with Charleston City Police Animal Control is also being done so that the traps which are normally not set out during the weekend can be set and monitored, as well as adjusting patrol hours."

Brady explains that because of the feral nature of the dogs, who usually avoid human contact, trapping is the most efficient means to try and capture them.

Residents spotting roaming dogs or having any contact or incidents with any dogs are urged to contact the Charleston County Sheriff's Office at 843-202-1700 immediately. Residents are being warned{}to avoid trying to corral or capture the dogs.

Residents are also being asked{}to keep all trash cans covered to reduce scavenging by the dogs.