Lincolnville woman taken for mental evaluation after 'hostage' call to police

LINCOLNVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- After a tense hour surrounding a Lincolnville home with guns drawn, Charleston County deputies say the reported hostage situation is over, the house is clear, and the people inside are safe and unharmed.

The woman who sparked the law enforcement response is now being evaluated.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, deputies responded to what they described at a hostage situation at a Railroad Avenue home. Deputies were told a 17-year-old boy was holding two others hostage at gunpoint.

"They told us for our safety that we needed to get out of the house," said Collette Richardson, who lives on Railroad Avenue.

She says sheriff's deputies kindly, but quickly told her family to leave their home.

"All of a sudden it was just like people screaming. Like we have to go. We have to go," said Richardson. "Then they asked us once we left the house to be very quiet and just leave and go in a certain direction and don't come back."

For a brief time, deputies were calling out to one person in the home, asking him to come outside.

About an hour later, officials reported that "one subject walked out of the house and is being detained." Moments later, a second person left the home.

A short time later, an EMS crew carried a woman out of the home on a gurney. Sheriff's officials said the woman was being taken for a psychological evaluation, adding they do not yet know why she made the call for help.

Detectives tell ABC News 4 a relative claimed that a teenage boy held two occupants hostage. But investigators learned that never happened.

Sheriff's deputies say no weapons were found.