CFD: It could take weeks to get investigation started on East Bay

View through the roof of 213 East Bay (Scott Garrand/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- While tenants have been allowed back into the buildings next to the scene of Tuesday's blaze on East Bay, officials say the building itself is still deemed unsafe.

According to CFD Chief Mike Julazadeh, it could take several days, even weeks, to get the investigation process started on 213 East Bay Street, which houses The Brick, Club Light, Speakeasy and Squeeze.

The investigation was suspended on Tuesday for safety and structural concerns.{} The department is working with insurance adjusters and investigators to find the best way to stabilize the building and determine if the investigation should start back up.

Chief Julazadeh said there's a tentative meeting scheduled for Thursday to review the scene with representatives from the insurance company and he anticipates a plan to be put into place the following week.{}

Julazadeh also said disaster recovery companies, hired by the owners of the adjacent properties, worked through the day Tuesday to remove water from the buildings.{} He said the power had been restored to the buildings and tenants were checking out their homes.

The East Bay Company, who owns one of those building sent out a statement to their tenants saying that Catastrophe Services, Inc. "air scrubbers to remove any smoke particulates" and that the work could continue through Wednesday.{}